Nearly ready…

Well we are standing by to depart to the North Pole and if you have not seen the news  the Walking with the Wounded team are set and ready to hit the ice with Alexis (on camera, directing) and me!  We also have with us 2 Norwegian guides (Rune & Petter) who are helping us  follow the Walking with the Wounded team.

We have been in Svalbard for nearly 10 days now preparing ourselves.  It is an amazing place, completely frozen (-20c ish average) yet life carries on fairly normally here.  It has a real frontier town feel about it, people wandering around with rifles slung over their shoulders, in case of polar bears of which there is a large population on the island, the main street full of skidoos ( like cowboys on horses!).  It is a beautiful and magical place.  From where I am sitting I am staring up the valley at one of the many glaciers that are so large you only realise their scale when you see tiny ant like specks skidoo-ing across it.  Awesome!  But this really is a basecamp (talking of which there is a fantastic hotel here called Basecamp, well worth a look) where people who are getting ready to step onto the ice.  From here we will travel to Barneo a floating Russian base on the ice.  It takes time to build this base with a man on a bull-dozer that has been dropped in by plane creating a run-way for a plane!

And so we wait for the weather, there is much that can be controlled, but the weather remains out of our hands.

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